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Food waste reduction initiatives at Just Salad

At Just Salad, we believe food should never go in the trash bin.

Landfilled food contributes to climate change and represents a waste of precious resources. When dumped in landfills, food emits a potent greenhouse gas called methane.

We are committed to reducing food waste at the source. One way we do this is by measuring the amount of prepared food we have left at the end of the day and using that information to optimize the amount of food we make. Other ways we prevent food waste is through our partnership with food surplus recovery platform, Too Good to Go, or donating to local community partners.

After these methods to reduce food waste are applied, we rely on composting programs to help us prevent the remaining organics–like our compostable packaging or kitchen food scraps–from going to landfills.

At all new stores, we install waste bins with separate compartments so our customers can sort leftover food and compostable packaging. We are also retrofitting existing locations with these waste separation receptacles.

Composting practices and regulations vary greatly from city to city. In cities where composting is not required by law, Just Salad makes every effort to send food waste to composting facilities wherever such infrastructure is available.

To advocate for composting in your community, we encourage you to contact your local city council member.