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Online Ordering Goes Zero-Waste

Introducing our BringBack Bowl

Reusables just got easier. Introducing BringBack Bowl, a new program that allows you to pick up your order in a green returnable bowl.


  1. Order on the Just Salad App from our Murray Hill (600 3rd Avenue) or Midtown (1290 Avenue of the Americas) location + select BringBack Bowl Pickup before checkout.
  2. Your order will come ready for pickup in a green returnable bowl with the BringBack logo. 
  3. Return your bowl within 14 days to any participating location. We professionally wash + sanitize each bowl on-site.
  4. Repeat.


How do I return the BringBack bowl? 

You can return the BringBack at participating Just Salad locations. Drop off bins are located at Murray Hill (40th + Third Avenue) and Midtown ( 52nd + Sixth Avenue). Follow the instructions on the drop-off bin to confirm your return within the Just Salad App. 

Where is your BringBack program available? 

BringBack is currently available at Murray Hill (40th + Third Avenue) and Midtown ( 52nd + Sixth Avenue) locations. We’re actively looking to expand this pilot, so look out for additional stores coming soon. 

Should I clean my bowl before returning it? 

No need! We professionally wash + sanitize each bowl on-site. 

How are your bowls cleaned?

Our teammates are trained to professionally clean and sanitize each bowl in accordance with health codes that apply to all types of reusable and dine-in containers. 

Are reusables safe? 

Yes! Global health experts have stated that reusables are safe to use. Read their statement here

Can I keep my green returnable bowl? 

The green BringBack bowl should be returned to the drop-off bin after use. If you would like to own a bowl to use for ordering in-store, you can purchase a blue reusable bowl for just $1. 

How does the BringBack Bowl differ from the Just Salad Reusable Bowl?

There are a few differences: 

  • BringBack Bowl allows you to place an app order for pickup in a green returnable bowl. You’ll return this bowl when you’re ready to pick up your next order. We’ll take care of the cleaning.

  • The Reusable Bowl applies to orders placed in-store. You’ll purchase a bowl for $1 and receive a free topping (like avocado) with every reuse. This bowl is yours to keep, and can only be used in-store.

What are the environmental benefits of the BringBack program?

A third-party lifecycle assessment of the BringBack program, conducted by the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute, concluded that the BringBack bowl has less global warming impacts than a disposable fiber bowl after just two uses, on average. Read the summary findings here

Still have questions? Email [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you!