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Zero Waste Hub

Get food delivered to the office, without the waste

Say goodbye to disposable food containers. With Just Salad's Zero Waste Hub, you can order your meal in a green Reusable Bowl. Simply drop off your bowl at a Just Salad pickup station at your office and we'll pick up same-day.


1. Order via your company's Just Salad Hub website

Zero Waste Hub Overview

2. Receive your delivery in a green Just Salad Reusable Bowl

Zero Waste Hub Overview

3. Return your bowl to a specialized drop-off bin in your office, next to the pick-up shelves.

Zero Waste Hub Overview

4. Just Salad picks up, washes and sanitizes the bowls and prepares them for reuse.

Zero Waste Hub Overview


1. How do I participate?
It’s simple! Order through your company's Just Salad Hub page. At checkout, select the Zero Waste option. You'll receive your order in a green reusable bowl. When you're finished, return it to the Just Salad drop-off bin in your office. 

2. What happens after I put my bowl in the drop-off bin?
Just Salad picks up, washes and sanitizes the containers. The zero-waste cycle then repeats, eliminating waste.

3. Why should I participate?
Keep waste out of landfills. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Meet your own corporate sustainability goals. Empower your employees to be part of the solution.

Inquire on Behalf of Your Company

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