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Healthy + Safe for Everyone

An Overview of Health + Safety Protocols at Just Salad

Since March 2020, we’ve made more than 20 process changes, all related to health and safety, across our takeout, pick-up, delivery, and in-store experiences. We have an entire team devoted to your health and safety to make sure every aspect of our operations has been carefully evaluated.

We’ve always followed strict Department of Health guidelines and undergone regular health and safety inspections. And we always seek to comply with CDC, FDA and health department guidelines to the letter, without exception.

How We're Keeping You Safe


  • We have a dedicated full-time Cleaning Captain at all locations, who is responsible for routinely sanitizing all surfaces
  • We have a Greeter at all locations, who enforces physical distancing, directs traffic, and enforces maximum capacity limits
  • Physical contact between teammates such as handshakes and fist bumps is prohibited
  • All teammates are required to take our post-COVID training tutorials and pass a series of tests to become certified in order to be allowed back to work


  • Masks are required for all teammates + guests
  • Commonly touched surfaces are sanitized every 30 minutes
  • We wash our produce with FIT Organic®, a certified vegan, Kosher veggie wash containing ingredients found in everyday foods
  • We use EPA-registered disinfectants proven to kill harmful pathogens including COVID-19
  • Daily teammate wellness checks are required, including a health Q+A and temperature checks at the beginning of every shift

We’ve worked with our development and design teams to reconfigure the layouts at all stores to reduce potential bottlenecks, improve traffic flow, and minimize the number of communal touchpoints. Some of these changes include:

  • Installing social distancing markers inside and outside stores 
  • Increasing space between cash registers
  • Setting store capacity limits 
  • Creating employee-attended, outdoor pick-up stations at locations where space permits
  • Leaving store doors open whenever weather permits for increased ventilation
  • Removing all indoor seating, even in jurisdictions where allowed

To support the safety of all of our guests, we provide:

  • Hand sanitizer stations at all locations
  • Contactless in-store payment via the Just Salad App
  • Contactless delivery via the Just Salad App,, and all third party partners
  • Tamper-proof seals on all orders
  • Individually-packaged meals available for catering
  • An option to receive catering orders directly from Just Salad teammates wearing personal protective equipment, or via our vetted partners

We’ve taken every step to create a safe + comfortable experience. From reconfiguring our store layouts, to revamping our sanitation procedures, to reimagining our in-store experience—every detail was carefully considered so that all guests + teammates can feel confident that their safety is our top priority. Comments or questions? Email us at [email protected]

Download our Health + Safety Guide here.